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With GreenE-Board™'s signature dual sided face - one rough side and one smooth side - you can use it as a tile backer board, underlayment or a replacement for drywall. 
The rough side provides better adhesion when used as a tile backer board.

Flip GreenE-Board™ over and use the smooth side as a replacement for drywall.

Please see FAQs page for more.
Please note, electric heaters are not to be installed on GreenE-Board™.


Download all our installation guides to ensure proper applications are followed.

Click the red Adobe PDF files below to download

Download Installation Guides
Outdoor Kitchens
GreenE-Board™ is used in outdoor BBQ installations at Elements Outdoor Kitchens and Living Products

Fire Board & Further Information

We also provide fire board assembly. To download visit our Testing & Certification page. 

Please note: When using GreenE-Board™ around a fire place you MUST prime and cover it with tile.

For more information please do no hesitate to contact us.

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