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About GreenE-Board™

          What is GreenE-Board™?

            GreenE-Board™ is manufactured with a patent pending

            process and formula using Magnesium Oxide and
            Magnesium Chloride. The manufacturing process uses 

            less than 50% of the energy consumed to make            

            comparable Portland cement based wall board.

       GreenE-Board™ contains a minimum of 5% transfered 

       post-industrial recycled material.
       100% of our manufacturing post-industrial waste is recycled

       into future production runs.

  GreenE-Board™ is water resistant. It will not swell,

  delaminate, warp nor desintegrate when exposed to a wet


It is also water vapor permeable which allows GreenE-Board™

to be used as a wall board in applications where breathable walls are specified.

Health & Safety

One of the characteristics that make GreenE-Board™ environmentally friendly is the lack of any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds such as formaldehyde or silica) within the product's composition.


Cement based backer boards contain silica dust. When inhaled it can cause irriation of the lungs and overtime can lead to silicosis, bronchitis or cancer. Furthermore, silica does not dissolve overtime.


GreenE-Board™ is mold, mildew, fire, and water reistant without the addition of chemicals. 
Because of GreenE-Boards™ pH level mold and mildew cannot grow. When tested by ASTM standards it achieved the highest rating possible; all this without the addition of chemicals.


GreenE-Board™ is an ideal replacement for drywall because it does not have a paper face which further prevents any mold and mildew from developing.

           Quality & Warranty


           GreenE-Board™ is manufactured to the highest standards.

           Quality control in our zero waste facility is paramount to

           ensure customer satisfaction. 


        GreenE-Board™ offers peace of mind for homeowners and

        contractors with its limited lifetime warranty.

        If GreenE-Board™ fails then not only does Jona Panel Sales,  

       manufacturer of GreenE-Board™, take care of the cost of the

       product but also any labour, tile, and other costs associated

       with the application.


    GreenE-Board™ is the only evaluated board of its type to    

    achieve CCMC certification. For all our testing please see our  


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